Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cosmetic Surgery vs Advertisements

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) recently launched a full frontal against the various plastic surgery attention grabbers that are currently being directed towards the public.

So how did the organization go about dissuading this practice? They simply created their own campaign against ads that reflect unrealistic cosmetic surgery procedures like over-emphasized breasts, genital enhancements among both sexes, etc.

A commendable effort by the British plastic surgery community, this move is being seen as a stance against unethical medical practices and could soon wound its way towards this side of the Atlantic.

An excessive attitude towards plastic surgery like a breast augmentation in Beverly Hills or even a liposuction in Beverly Hills is considered to be a way of life. Nonetheless, at the Plastic Surgery Institute of California we discourage such an outlook.

Our facility for plastic surgery in southern California realizes the importance of looking good and aesthetics, but patient safety and suitability for any cosmetic surgery in Beverly Hills is given more importance.

Cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills advice individuals interested in plastic surgery procedures to check their doctors for an ASPS qualification and the medical facility for an AAAHC certification. Do not be fooled by smiling, buxom pictures- consider the experience and skills first.

Visit the Plastic Surgery Institute of California for a quick consultation.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flab-free Tummy Aspirations – Do Something About Them

One of the newsletters I subscribe to emailed me a link to tummy exercises for a trim figure. In no time, I found myself drooling looking at the oh-so-perfect abs of the models. 

It triggered off a small switch in my mind that told me that here are abdominal muscles worth aspiring for, and I avidly lapped up the rest of the article. While this is an excellent tried-and-tested marketing gimmick, as someone who is on the plastic surgery business, I can safely say that a tummy tuck surgery in Orange County can take care of such a figure very effectively.

Of course, you could pursue other avenues for getting a trim tummy like take up belly dancing classes, ab workouts, practice maintaining a proper posture, etc. However, where all these methods fail, cosmetic surgery steps in.

A tummy tuck in Orange County is not a flight of fancy, as most are prone to think. People in showbiz may have glamorized this branch of medicine, but the results and benefits of an abdominoplasty or a liposuction in Orange County are very real.

The cosmetic advantages are as fantastic as the health benefits- just ask any overweight individual who has recently lost weight. Muscle tissue tightening and in case of a mini-tummy tuck some fat removal, make a tremendous contribution to the weight loss efforts of such people.

At the Plastic Surgery Institute of California, we have a lot of tummy tuck procedure packages depending on your cosmetic makeover or weight loss goals. If you are undecided about the procedure, qualified consultants can help assuage your doubts.

Would You Have Chin Surgery To Be ‘In’?

There is no dearth of American men willing to do just this apparently.

In the search for a strong jaw and a confident look, men in the US are turning towards a chin surgery in Beverly Hills. CBS News reported observations made by a plastic surgeon with the ASPS on the CEOs of today who figure in the Fortune 500 list.

According to the spokesperson, there were at least 94 percent who seemed to have stronger chins then the rest of the populace. It could be a chin enhancement in Beverly Hills using chin implants or it could simply be a face lift surgery-mentoplasty combination.

But its one thing for the stuffed-wallet CEO to go in for a chin enhancement in Beverly Hills and another for the average American to have a similar procedure. Or so the story was till cosmetic surgery became more affordable for the latter group.

Today, cosmetic surgery in Beverly Hills and elsewhere is easily accessible to anybody at all and if you want to have a chin surgery in Beverly Hills, consultants are ever ready to help you out with financing options.

We do not encourage such an attitude at the Plastic Surgery Institute of California though. If you want to have a chin enhancement in Beverly Hills, you need to discuss with our consultants your expectations. We understand that you want to look good and feel ‘cooler’ than you think you are, but what we really prefer is to educate a potential patient about plastic surgery.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Flabby Backs Post-weight Loss? Try Out Cosmetic Surgery Back Lifts

One person who has been in the spotlight for back flab lately is Jennifer Lopez- rather cruelly at that too.

As a woman who has just given birth to twins, it is understandable that it will be a while before Jennifer gets back to her trim pre-baby figure. But thanks to the worldwide sensation that she is, it will be much more difficult for her to get past the criticism. 

Jennifer just might be able to benefit from a relatively new cosmetic surgery procedure called the back lift. Announced earlier this month in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal, the back lift is projected to provide relief for patients who have lost excessive amounts of weight or simply have tissue laxity.

The plastic surgery in California and liposuction options presently available mainly target the lower back with scar concealment possible only in the waistline.

The back lift or bra line back lift surgery however, is a cosmetic surgery procedure designed to attack the fat and tissue in the upper and middle back regions as well. The scar resulting from this plastic surgery is concealable in the bra line.

A particularly nice aspect of the bra line back lift is the reduction/elimination of tissue laxity. A patient can experience recovery of considerable tension in their back. Additionally, the scars that result from this cosmetic surgery in California procedure are not keloid, hypertrophic or painful.

You can check out just how much you can benefit from such a plastic surgery in Orange County from your nearest Plastic Surgery Institute of California facility.  

Monday, September 22, 2008

New breakthroughs - 3D Imaging For Plastic Surgery

Any cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills worth his practice will always tell you to make a studied decision before consenting to have plastic surgery.

You can scan the web for information or you can use a software that will take your photograph and show you how you will look post-surgery. The 3D imaging that has just been out of the workshop however, just might be the next step to advanced consultation for cosmetic surgery in California.

Developed by Canfield Scientific, Inc., a device called the Breast Sculptor has taken realistic medical imagery of the body to the next level. It captures every angle of the body part in question and provides an image that is highly accurate.

Cosmetic surgery procedures like a breast augmentation in Orange County or a rhinoplasty in Newport Beach have more to benefit from such technology and surgeons expect other procedures to follow suit soon.

As of now, there is no ancillary cost attached to such examination of the body and there is the hope that it will help potential plastic surgery in Los Angeles patients in making better decisions regarding cosmetic body modification.

Where before, plastic surgeons in California had to insert rice bags or hold silicone implants to show women the possible results after a breast augmentation in California, they can now expect patients to observe the changes in real-time.

At the Plastic Surgery Institute of California, you can find qualified consultants and cosmetic surgeons working towards making your initial consultation as informative and helpful as possible. Like all ASPS certified doctors and AAAHC qualified clinics, we place patient safety and health above everything else.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

To Be Young And Need A Breast Lift Surgery…

You would think that anyone with Demi Moor and Bruce Willis as parents would be a stunner, but 19-year-old Rumer Willis is a dazzler of another kind.

Blessed with Demi’s eyes and Bruce’s chin, Rumer Willis looks unconventional and as she proved at the Power of Paws launch party, dresses it too. Her strappy black number highlighted her pale complexion and sagging breasts very prominently. 

While a breast lift surgery in Pasadena at this age for Rumer may not be a good idea, there is no telling whether she might have one or not, given her plastic surgery loving mother. What she ought to do is pay more attention to her posture and wear a better fitting bra.

Exercises that focus on the upper body can only develop the pectoralis muscle situated under the fatty breast tissue. It does not really help tone and firm the breasts enough. The upside of this method is that exercising will at least keep your upper body fit. Again, it would do you better if you wear a supportive bra while exercising as it will keep your breasts from straining too much.

A breast lift in Pasadena is a great option to check sagging breasts, but cosmetic surgeons in Orange County at the Plastic Surgery institute of California suggest girls as young as 19-year-old wait until their breasts have matured completely before they think of having one.

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The Man Who Got Confidence From Plastic Surgery

Ever since BBC reported Jamie Wishart’s story last month, comments and discussions about male plastic surgery have cropped up all over the Internet.

If you consider the regular stories and surveys that crop up every second day on this topic, it should not seem much of a surprise. But Jamie’s interview stands out (for me at least) because he voices concerns and fears about his physical appearance in a vein that is very similar to what women do.

Jamie justifies his cosmetic surgery decision to have a tummy tuck saying, “The best thing for me - and people may laugh at this - is when I get up in the morning and do my belt up, my stomach no longer hangs over the edge. I think, ‘Yes, I look good and this has all been worth it’.”

In a very candid insight, Jamie lets out a view that I am sure many of the alpha males out there will be cringing at. He says, “I'm sure if most blokes were honest, we all want to look good and if you can afford to take advantage of things on the market such as cosmetic surgery, why not?”

Well, to be honest, I feel that working professionals like these ought to speak out more about cosmetic surgery in Orange County and how it can help a person without it appearing like a pointless vanity trip. Hearing whispers about CEOs and hotshot executives having surgery is all good, but when the faces behind these titles step out with their personal grooming secrets, it’s fantastic.

Regular middle class women have accepted cosmetic surgery, it is your turn now men. Visit the Plastic Surgery Institute of California to know more about the surgery you are interested in.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Koena Mitra – The Indian Plastic Surgery Junkie?

So in my quest for the Indian counterparts of Hollywood celebrities who have had plastic surgery I came across Koena Mitra.

And like the starlets of our fair land, this sultry femme fatale did not disappoint me.

Koena Mitra is a Pamela Anderson meets Audrina Patridge and has starred in the required number of raunchy photo-shoots and music videos that come with an ‘actress’ of this caliber. A one-time model, Koena turned her focus to acting, just like the numerous models who come knocking on Bollywood’s (as the mainstream Indian Film Industry is fondly known as) doors.

Fellow actress (and rival?) Sherlyn Chopra dismissed Koena’s various plastic surgery ploys to look good attributing her looks to Michael Jackson’s lovely face. From a breast augmentation to a nose enhancement, Miss Mitra is rumored to have done a lot to preserve her looks.

Shirlyn herself has been flamboyant about her nose surgery and thinks its better than Koena’s. She vehemently exclaims, “at least I am glad that my doctor has done a neat nose job.” Look like another Jodie Marsh-Katie Price adventure!

What is very much evident is that the Indian film industry seems to have cosmetic surgery combatants of its own!

One thing is for sure though; cosmetic surgery, whether a nose enhancement surgery in California or a breast augmentation in Pasadena, has a curious grip on rising starlets and famous celebrities.

Make a smart rhinoplasty in California decision; visit the Plastic Surgery Institute of California for an honest opinion.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Mommy Makeover For Post-Menopausal Women

There is very little spoken about women who are in the menopausal and post-menopausal stage of life for some reason. It could be because in today’s day and age women are completely capable of dealing with this period- perhaps better than their own mothers and grandmothers.

Nevertheless, a few have to brace themselves for a rather turbulent experience, as they have to deal with the signs and symptoms of menopause harder then their fellows. Anxiety, stress, emotional and physical upheavals and change in dietary patterns are enough to play havoc with the bets of systems.

A cosmetic surgery procedure like a mommy makeover in Beverly Hills, at this stage, could turn out to be quite a welcome step and could even help such women to deal with the changes in their body better.

Mommy makeovers procedures in Beverly Hills usually come in a combination of breast lift surgery, tummy tuck and liposuction, but at our advanced surgical institute, we usually customize the combination to suit each woman. Thus, you can have a chemical peel and combine it with a back facial and arm liposuction or a lower body lift, or you can stick to a mini-tummy tuck and polish it off with some belly button realignment.

Whether you are in the menopausal stage of life or are post-menopausal, the consultants at the Plastic Surgery Institute of California can help you select the mommy makeover in Beverly Hills procedure that draws out the best in your body.

Helen Mirren – The 60-something Liposuction Poster Girl

Who would have thought that a 63-year-old would rock a bikini so good? But Dame Helen Mirren has achieved this impossible feat and boy, does she dazzle or what!

The 60’s are usually when the human body tends to lean towards a wrinkle-fest and follow gravity. Sagging breasts among women and loose skin among both men and women are enough to make one run towards body firming products and cosmetic surgery options like a liposuction in California or a tummy tuck in Orange County.

What is surprising is that Helen has denied rumors of ever having liposuction to keep her tummy flab-free and her skin from sagging. Especially since women at her age more than give a thought to such cosmetic surgery treatments.

Diplomatically though, Helen Mirren has steered away from the ‘I vow never to have plastic surgery’ stance and admitted that she would definitely consider a liposuction procedure if her legs ‘depressed’ her enough.

Whether she has followed up on her views is highly speculated, thanks to her bikini-clad pictures of her Corsican holiday. Maybe she felt it better to forgo an obvious procedure like a face lift in California and go in for a lower body contouring treatment like liposuction surgery in Orange County.

Whatever she may have done to herself, she looks fabulous and very fit for an aging actress!

Visit the Plastic Surgery Institute of California to know more about how your body can benefit from liposuction and liposculpturing.