Friday, September 12, 2008

Mommy Makeover For Post-Menopausal Women

There is very little spoken about women who are in the menopausal and post-menopausal stage of life for some reason. It could be because in today’s day and age women are completely capable of dealing with this period- perhaps better than their own mothers and grandmothers.

Nevertheless, a few have to brace themselves for a rather turbulent experience, as they have to deal with the signs and symptoms of menopause harder then their fellows. Anxiety, stress, emotional and physical upheavals and change in dietary patterns are enough to play havoc with the bets of systems.

A cosmetic surgery procedure like a mommy makeover in Beverly Hills, at this stage, could turn out to be quite a welcome step and could even help such women to deal with the changes in their body better.

Mommy makeovers procedures in Beverly Hills usually come in a combination of breast lift surgery, tummy tuck and liposuction, but at our advanced surgical institute, we usually customize the combination to suit each woman. Thus, you can have a chemical peel and combine it with a back facial and arm liposuction or a lower body lift, or you can stick to a mini-tummy tuck and polish it off with some belly button realignment.

Whether you are in the menopausal stage of life or are post-menopausal, the consultants at the Plastic Surgery Institute of California can help you select the mommy makeover in Beverly Hills procedure that draws out the best in your body.

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Jerry Lewis said...

Stress management is a very important factor to improve short term memory loss. Stress causes the body to release a hormone called cortisole which blocks the memories from being registered. Since it is a known fact that all women going through early menopause have stress, it is essential to stay positive and stay stress free.