Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ancient Mommy Makeover - Belly Binding

The other day I came across an amazing concept known as belly binding and what I read pretty much amazed me.

Loosely, you can call belly binding a sort of a non-surgery tummy tuck in a style that speaks of a grandma’s post-pregnancy advice. Practiced by women since time immemorial, belly binding has surfaced over time in some variation or another almost every culture and continent.

This home remedy tummy tuck cum mommy makeover was performed by Mayan midwifes as a last duty after the baby’s out. Using a binder, the abdomen was held as tight as possible to heal the muscles and repair the tears.

Similar practices were observed in Latin countries as well.

The Japanese, on the other hand used a combination of a cloth called a sarashi and the spirits to heal the bodies of mothers who had recently delivered. Traditionally, the obi or sash worn with the kimono is known to help Japanese women as well.

The evolution of the belly binder from a simple cloth tightly wound around the abdomen to an elaborate post-pregnancy ritual with herbs and massages has culminated today into a modern cosmetic surgery procedure called the mommy makeover. It might sound a bit far-fetched, but the basics are all present, as do the beneficent aspects.

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